Located in Northern Europe and bordering Denmark, Scandinavia, and the European mainland, the Baltic Sea has been an important trade route in and out of Russia and the Scandinavia for centuries. Today, it also happens to be a favored tourist destination and an ideal choice for those looking for something different to the Mediterranean. During winter, almost half of the sea is ice covered. The region around the sea features picturesque scenery, which is one of its major draws.

Scandinavia is made up of the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, the latter two of which can be found on the Scandinavia Peninsula. A common misconception is that Scandinavia also includes Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands, although technically this group makes up the ‘Nordic Countries’. The region is for the most part sparsely populated due to the extreme climate and geographical makeup of the region, which include mountains, fjords, glaciers, and perilous cliffs. Cruises to the region have become popular thanks to the scenic nature of these features, and because coastal areas remain pleasant climate-wise for most of the year.