Bordered by the Pacific to the west, the Atlantic to the east, the Caribbean to the north, and with the Andes mountain range as its backbone, South America is a vibrant mix of geographical landscapes, climates, and cultures. Nearly 400 million people call the continent home, while it spans some 17.8 million square miles. Within this vast, sprawling landmass you’ll find amazing sights and sounds as well as some of history’s greatest mysteries. Without a doubt, taking a cruise is the best way to explore all that South America has to offer.

Due to its vastness, there is no one cruise that allows you to see everything South America has to offer. Instead, you’ll have to settle for individual itineraries. These include the ‘Round the Horn’ tour which travels from Valparaiso (Chile) to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and vice versa via Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of the continent. Alternatively, take an Amazon tour that commences in Manaus, in the Brazilian rainforest itself and makes its way to either Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires. Cruises of the Galapagos Islands, which can be found west of the continent, are also popular with those visiting South America. As well as local departure ports, some cruises make their way from Florida and California. Cruises vary in length from as short as three days to as long as a month. Many of the major carriers operate cruises in this region.