Usually Transatlantic cruises make few if any ports of call, the focus of the trip is the lifestyle on board the vessel. It usually travels between Caribbean islands and Europe. Many of these cruises offer a specific theme. Transatlantic cruise might be hosted by a well-known persona, or chef, or author or musician, or entertainer for a special appeal. Many activities are offers while at sea such as: art classes, famous book readings, cooking classes, dance classes, photography classes and other social activities to provide guests with plenty of opportunities to interact with one another. Great spa facilities, swimming pools, restaurants, lounge areas, game rooms are available for you to spend some time.

The idea of a Transatlantic crossing is characterized by four or more consecutive days at sea. Longer itinerary will usually offer visits to places such as Bermuda, the Azores, England, Portugal or the Canary Islands. Some Caribbean ports or European cities may also be included at the beginning or the end of the trip. But the unique character of the traditional Transatlantic cruise makes these ports short diversions from the main event: the transit across the vast expanse of the Atlantic. Most popular time for this destination is April through October.